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“Domestic Water Wells in Arizona” is a reference book written primarily for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders who until now had no guidance for the handling of private water wells during real estate transactions.

Because the State of Arizona has virtually no laws, rules or regulations regarding private water wells at the time of sale or financing real estate, and domestic water wells are unregulated, detailed guidance on this subject was needed.

Perhaps as much as 15% of the state’s population get their drinking water from domestic (classified as “exempt”) wells in Arizona. Water is the most essential ingredient of a happy home and without water there can be no home. Sin Aqua, Muerte!

Private homes and rural land with domestic wells as the sole source of water are sold and financed every day in this state, just as they are in other states. In this book the author answers the most commonly asked questions regarding private water wells as they relate to real estate transaction in Arizona.

There are many photos and illustrations of typical domestic water wells and the associated equipment with links and references to proper forms and additional published information of the subject of groundwater and wells.

When several homes share a single domestic well they do it under the terms of a legal contract called a “well share agreement”. The importance of these documents is discussed in great detail.
Readers of this book are informed on the impact of an inadequate water supply or poor quality water on the equity value of a home. Realtors and lenders are also informed about the lack of rules and regulations in Arizona for the people who equip water wells, the people who inspect water wells, and what a water well inspection should cover.

Although primarily intended for real estate professionals, this e-book can be beneficial to anyone who wants to become “well” informed.

best private mortgage lenders


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